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What is going on??

What has happened to the year 2022? I have been so busy which is not an excuse for dropping the ball with the blog. I have to learn to balance my day job with my healing/medium work.

I have a lot of events coming up in 2023. I am booking and looking to book new Expos and Paracons.

I have a few dates I am waiting on before I post them. SUPER EXCITED for a few and will for sure do LIVES at them.

If you see me at an expo or paranormal event, I am offering a mini session now $10 for 10. It would be just a taste of what we could do in a full or half session. Reading and Reiki will be offered at both.

There are going to be a few changes to the website. Baby Blankets will still be offered as an item I will special make. I am making up a few scarves to have at booths for purchase. If you want one custom that is something to contact me about. I am trying to keep scarves at a lower price. I will post some as soon as some extras are made. I had one PTSD scarf special made for an military vet go home this last month. :) I will be working to put scarf packages together. Usually I try to do a scarf and a crystal. Both attuned to help the now owners symptoms or situation.

Check back soon for updates. I promise to regularly blog this new year. Send me your topics.

Have a Blessed Holiday Season!


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