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To Attune or Not Attune?

I was on the path to write about Shields and this came out instead. I will write about shielding shortly.

This last Monday I had the opportunity to be on the radio show

Be the Change with hostess Kristina Bloom. We talked a bunch

about energy work and different things related. I'd like to re-cap some of that and then go further into the topic of shielding

yourself and your space.

While on the show we did talk about Reiki. (Go Figure)

Ok, do not stop reading here! While I am attuned and I have channeled a healing system, we are not just talking Reiki so please do not go anywhere. It was brought up the Reiki here is the States has become a catch phrase for any energy work, which is

simply not the case.

I am going go down a hole here and I will say I reserve the right to update and change my view as I am continuing to channel new energy. That is my disclaimer statement right there. Remember that as you may take that on as we all dive into this.

Reiki is the universal life force energy. Everything alive is connected with the flow of this energy and this energy can be tapped into via symbols to change the energy within a body to balance that body's energy. Thus, the body gets back to a state of wellness when balanced and the stress and dis-ease a body can feel is released.

Stay with me because it's about to get bumpy. One thing a beginner is taught when learning a different spiritual path is Intent is Everything. This is important so let's state that again, Intent is everything. What the heck Wendy? Ok for you experienced readers tune out for a tick here. For you newbies, your prayer of intent, or your thought of what you want to accomplish during a meditation session or self energy work session is guided by your intent. When you have no intent, the session will go so many different ways it will not make sense. Plus, you always want to work for your highest good or the highest good of a client so you need to include that in your intent.

Now, you're all asking yourselves where in the deep forest is she going with this? In Reiki we are taught that the attunement process is the way in which a student is passed Reiki energy from the Master. The Reiki Symbols are put into the student's aura by the Master. The student's body then goes through an adjustment to this wave of energy that body is not use to channeling. This attunement flows through all the chakras releasing all blocks, making the attuned person a clear channel for the energy they are receiving and now able to call upon to work with at will. Each level of attunement whether level 1, 2 or Master is kicking the body's ability to channel a stronger energy and places different symbols within the aura that the Student is now able to call on for assistance.

Many people challenge you do need an attunement to work Reiki or other modes of energy work that have some kind of attunement or process to be introduced to the energy? (line walking right now) When you start to walk a spiritual path, you follow what your guided to do to grow your spirit. My spirit has been doing healings and communicating with the otherside since I was a child. I was officially attuned to Reiki in 2002 and became aware that this Reiki was what I had been kind of doing as a child, only back then I was using prayer as it was the only thing I knew. In the 70's and 80's in the remote area where I grew up, people didn't talk about healers, mediums, witches or whatever.

You can do energy work and use any system's symbols to tap into the energy from the Source (God, Goddess, Universe, Whatever you call it). Yes, I just basically said you don't need to be attuned. Listen to your inner wisdom, higher self, guides, angels, whatever you call it. And I say this because I have channeled a system that I introduce by an attunement so that the student learns and understands the symbols and is a clear channel. Yet, I wasn't attuned by a human. I was given the symbols to bring forth to people by the Goddess Nemeton and my guides. I will say I did go through a few days of energy kick up where my eating changed, water intake went up and things happened. My abilities as a medium and healer are always kicked up a level when I teach, get attuned in a class or work with the intent to be connected to the Source.

If you want to be a clear channel for the energy then take the class and be attuned to the energy. Be ready for your world to change. We are all born with abilities that are outside of the 5 senses we know. When you open your mind and start to work with the energies, you start to build those senses and things will happen. So I would say beginners get an attunement to really get your energy cleared out and start the process of the work you will be doing. For me attunements opened more doors and ways of doing. I encourage the attunement, as they were game changing for me. I do understand those that do not attune as well.

As a professional, I am going to tell you to go with your gut on choosing a teacher. Talk with the person have a session with the person. You will know who is connected and working from Source and who is out for the money.

Everything I teach you here I will teach with Reiki energy connected for you practitioners and I will teach via using the Divine White Light of the Source (Holy Spirit, whatever you call it)

That got longer than I thought. Wow! I really want to write about Shielding. So let me post another blog on that in a little bit. The dog is bugging me to get moving and get her out for a walk. :) We will talk body shield, house, energy curtain and all that jazz next post.

Blessings All,


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