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Thank you All for everything...

Life has been challenging lately. I have taken some time to figure things out as best as I can right now. I have come to the following decisions: I will be at my June scheduled expo and I am looking forward to it! I am pretty sure this will be my last expo for quite awhile as expos and events have been very difficult to recover the cost of travel, and the fee for the event.

I am keeping everything in the circles of friends and family. For now, I am stepping away from all of this. I am planning on keeping the blog. I however am thinking of when I will schedule regular posts and on what subjects.

I do have other writing I am working on. I am still creating new scarves and blankets by request. I will be looking in to a new adventure with a friend and haunts. More information to come as that unfolds in June.

I am very grateful to have done the work I have been able to do and over the years I have met some amazing people. I will keep the Friends of Nemeton Energy System group going on Facebook.

Again, Thank you all very much for all of the fun over the years.



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