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Spirit Guides

Today I am starting a new format for blogs. Topics will be researched, along with personal experiences and knowledge. I will also include stories from you all if I have any. (You can send those to Then at the end of the blog there will be sources listed for you to use and check out if you'd like.

What are Spirit Guides?

Here we go down the rabbit hole. Spirit guides are spirit beings that enter our lives to guide us at different times as we need them. Some guides we have at birth. Some we have that pop in and out of life as we need them. You can have guides for health, money, love, etc. There is a lot of information out there as to who, what and how many, for how long. It's a bit confusing. Every one of us is different therefore, our guides will be with each of us differently and we will all have different types of guides. Angels, Ascended Masters, Crossed over loved ones or ancestors, people from our soul group, are all forms of spirit guides. Animals and plants can be included as guides as well.

Who can perceive his/her Spirit Guides?

Anyone with practice can learn to hear and see their guides. As adults we have been trained by society as to what is correct or not correct to do or speak about. Things have been changing since I was a younger. People are more open to ideas of guides, ghost, and other beings. Children and I believe people with special needs are more open to the other-side and guidance form their angels and guides because they do not pick up on social cues on what is not "proper" to speak about or have not yet been told what is not real. I have not been able to find any articles on people with special needs being more in-tune with psychic abilities.

I was introduced to my guides when I took Reiki level 1. With learning Reiki I started meditating and was told of spirit guides but I didn't know much. I bought a few books but, I met them through meditations and practice with the help of Ted Andrews' book. Here is a photo of it.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. I learned so much and use one of the meditations frequently to boost my energy.

My Story. While using the book to do a mediation to meet my guides. I met a Scottish warrior and was given his name. It turns out with some past life regression and meditational time with this guide we are connected as soul group and were family in one life. Now, The funny thing is the night after meeting him I did the same meditation and was shown his image but I got a different name and was confused about it. Same background story, shown the same past life. Then after some past life regressions it was shown the two different names were because the guide was not one but two and they are twins. Now the best part is that psychics that read for me will pick up on them and say stuff to me like "Do twins run in your family?" and are very confused when I say "No", then a laugh and say you're picking up on my guides. Now, here is where the lines can blur for what kind of guides are these. Originally, reading books and talking to people that were more experienced than me at the time. I believed they were my protection guides and would have left them do just that. However, this is where I rock the boat of what is known out there and now do not put them into categories. My "protective guides" teach me more than just protect me. Yes, they are there for protection and are very effective at it when I 'm in medium mode with a paranormal group however, they also teach me how to do things with my energy. What??? I know. Leave it to me to break the rules and not conform to what other people write about and say. Never put yourself in a box because you will learn there is more out there. My guides have been with me through my Reiki attunements. They were there to protect me and to help me learn when I took Holy Fire Kaurna Reiki(TM) which taught we would no longer need guides and they would be released. Hum...nope not mine. I think there is a bit of stubborn on both my side and them. They didn't go anywhere and I gained more guides with that weekend class and practice. I was introduced to the brother and sisterhood of light, a group of ascended masters.

The Brothers and Sisterhood of Light are a group of religious figures that are here to help us with our spiritual growth and work. This amazing group when I met them where just the Sisters. Mother Mary, Goddess Maeve, Goddess Isis, Morgan, Mary Magdalene were the women I met during an ignition at class. This group supported me in the meditations.

The Ascended Masters is a group of enlightened beings across all cultures. They have at some point had lives and went through some form of spiritual transformation or enlightenment. People like Jesus, St. Germain, Lugh, Lakshmt, Isis, etc. These beings are also here to help you in spiritual growth and moving toward enlightenment.

Opps! I kind of went off subtopic and started describing groups. Oh well let's keep on this roll...

Animals as guides. This book Animal Spirit Guides is my favorite. I have a copy on my iphone to look up animals when I am traveling. It gives great description of the spiritual meaning of the animal and then if it is your totem what that meaning is. I take animals as signs. If an eagle flies next to my car for a few seconds then I take that as a sign. For me to see an animal as a sign it has to be out of place. Example: 4 white swans flying over head while I'm driving and it's winter. Then I look it up and 99 percent of the time the reading is what I am experiencing in my life at the time.

How do you connect to your guides? Some ways to connect with your guides is first ask. Put your intent out there. If you are a dream work person, before you go to bed, say something like "Guides please introduce yourself to me in my dreams tonight. I would like to get to know you." You can say something along the same lines before you meditate. You can also try scrying. This is where you look into a crystal ball, a mirror or a bowl of water. I've never done trance but you could and journeying. I suggest what ever method you use or several, keep a journal and write your experiences down. Also, ask them questions to test them. They will expect this and be alright with it.

Are guides the same as angels? I'm going to say no to this, but I suppose an angel can be a guide. Guides are usually from your soul group, ancestors, friends who have crossed over.

The number of guides I believe is different for everyone. And I yes some come and go depending on when you need them. One type of guide that pops in and out or changes could be your health guide. This guide is responsible for your over all health. I have so far met my protection guides, my healer (she helps me with my energy work), my health or medical guide and I have met a friends money guide. I have also met my animal guides and my totem animal.

Once I met my two protectors, I did a past life regression to find out the connection and the story as to why they were with me. I then had to have a session to allow us all to heal from the life we shared. So there is a totally different rabbit hole to go down if you should chose to.

Here are some websites I was looking at for spirit guides.

I have read a few of Gabby's books. She has some good tips and things to say on different subjects.

Keep the ideas coming for topics. I'll post twice a month. I will post questions as they come in.

You can email me at

I will be offering Past Life Regression sessions in the Spring. I was asked if I do them and yes I was trained and will do them with clients. I figured I should add that to the website for services.

Have an amazing week. This weekend I will be in central Wisconsin meeting up with some people who are possibly starting paranormal team up.

Blessings All,


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