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Self Care Sunday

This week I have been recovering from being sick. I think the flu I had has now turned into a sinus infection. Happy Joy.

This week I hope everyone is working on meditations. I know that meditation isn't easy. It's not for me either. I usually lay down and listen to singing bowls from Youtube. I have a journal that I keep a record of everything I experience. Then I follow up meditation with a card reading.

I am thinking next week I am going to start pulling cards for the week here. I'll ask for general guidance for everyone and have a small write up and then a photo of the cards.

I am not one that likes to be live. I'd rather write.

Why is there a question mark on this page? Well I am questioning a lot in life right now. I am wondering if many of you are feeling the same. I'm going within and keeping true to focusing on gratitude to make a change. In meditation I'm asking the angels and guides for help in matching my energy to what it is I need to bring in to my life to make changes.

Have a great week. I'll post a reading next week and then depending on feedback post weekly readings.

Blessings All,


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