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Protecting Your Energy


Here we go another topic that can lead to a bunch of techniques.

As a sensitive person, empath, professional reader, healer, or feel energy shifts, and moon phases then you need to be more aware of keeping your energy field clear.

I have had a few questions on this topic come through via email so here we go to address those as some of you may wonder the same.

Personal Energy

This is your aura field and chakras. Now I 'm not going to go into the basics of your body's energy and what chakras do. That is a different topic.

Your aura field is an energy skin let's say. It needs to be protected and cleaned just like your physical skin. When you go out in public you are interacting with people. You are exchanging your energy with everything around you. Your aura is coming into contact with other auras of any living thing. Yeah my brain just went yuck! When you start feeling your energy run down you need to cut your cords. You should do this before you leave the house and then shield. We'll get into that. However, through out the day you should be cutting cords when you feel your energy is being drained. When I first started Reiki this was strongly taught and encouraged to do through out the day.

Cord Cutting Process: Energy cords are something like feelers that your energy puts out. The front cords are connecting to living beings as you walk around all day and your backside is being plugged into by living beings as you go through out your day. You can be drained with attachments and energy vampires which is another blog as sometimes those take a little more to get rid of. To get rid of your cords you can do a few things.

  1. You can call on Arc Angel Michael. Simple state "Arc Angel Michael with your flaming sword cut all energy cords to the front of me, cut all energy cords to the left of me, cut all energy cords to the back of me, cut all energy cords to the right of me. Cut all energy cords above me and below me. Thank you for your assistance in removing these cords that have been feeding off my energy. Amen

  2. You can do it yourself. Now until I could get the feeling of doing this and visualizing it, I physically cut cords. Good practice is every time you go to the bathroom through out the day. Start by bundling your cords to the front. To do this I think of the cords as bundling a ponytail and go down all my chakras to bundle from head to toe. Then I bundle up to my back from toe to head. You are going to face your palms toward each other and bend your hands at the wrist so that your fingers touch. This forms your knife. Big inhale in and raise your hands in form of your knife up over your head, hold the intention to cut all cords and forcefully bring your arms down to your toes cutting all cords as you breath out. Breath in and bring your hands up over your head again and do the same for the backside of your body. When you get to your toes breath normal and just step to the side out of the circle of cords laying at your feet. Do not worry they will be absorbed into mother earth and recycled.

  3. You can use Raku symbol down your body on all sides. Raku will cleans your body and sever all ties to people you've been in contact with. Remember to give it that intent before you begin.


The very basic you can do is just ask your higher power to protect you through out your day.


  1. Visualize a beam of Divine white light coming down from the universe to you surrounding you in an energy bubble then extend that bubble as far out as you'd like it to be. Give the bubble the intent to keep your energy protected from all that you come into contact with.

  2. Carry stones, wear stones. Bracelets, pendants, rings and just lose stones in your pockets. Black and sliver stones protect and help you ground. Your birthstone is a protective stone. Give these the intent to protect/shield your energy.

  3. Your Free Will protects you. If you keep the thought or attitude that you are a in control of your energy that will help keep you protected.

  4. Keeping yourself healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit will help you. I can't stress enough we all need to keep working on things that are weighing on us and work at way to destress and balance our days. Meditation and Prayer are great ways to do this. They also boost your energy levels.

There are books dedicated to this entire topic. I love the book The Witch's Shield by Christopher Penczak.

Home and Space.

Here is a simple ritual I do about once every 3 months. More if there is a power day such as Halloween, Christmas or Equinox days. If you are taking ownership of a home new to you this is a great way to cleans the place. This is for a one family home I will go into modifications for multi family dwellings.

You will need. A bowl small to medium. Sea salt. Lavender oil. Sage or a stick of Palo Santo. A lighter. A candle and a shell or bowl to put ashes in.

First you are going to bless the house and clear it. Go to the highest floor even the attic if you have one. Open a window or door on the floor to let the negative energy leave. Then, Light your sage and get a good smoke stream from it. ( I usually light a small tea light to carry to keep my palo santo smoking. ) Fan the smoke (smudging) the entire floor of the house. Get in every closet, every corner, around everything. As you are doing this say something like "In the name of the God and Goddess (Jesus, God) only energy that is for my highest good is allowed to remain in this house. Any lower or negative energy must leave now. repeat this as you are going in and out of rooms, in closets, crawl spaces whatever. Do the same as you are going down any stair case. When you leave a floor and enter another floor remember to open a window or door for the energy to leave. Go into the basement as well. You want to get the entire house from the smallest of space into the largest so that all unwanted energy is banished. when you are done put out the sage or palo santo stick and then I usually bury it outside giving it back to the earth.

Now, the salt. Pour some sea salt into your bowl. As much as you are going to need to walk the perimeter of your property to make a circle. You can add lavender oil to the salt if you like. Place your hands over the bowl and say a blessing such as. "In the name of God and Goddess I bless this salt to use for a protective energy barrier around my home. Then go to your main door and spread the salt around the property creating an unbroken circle around the house. when you come back to the main door before closing the circle say, "I (state your full name) claim ownership of this home. Only the energy that is for my highest good and the highest good of my family may enter this house. All lower energy or negative energy is not welcome to enter and must leave. So mote it be or Amen!" Then pour the salt over the door area to complete the circle.

Now, if you are attuned to reiki this is where you can draw Raku in the doorway from top to bottom giving it the intent that all negative energy and attachments be removed from people as they enter your home. You can for sure use this in an apartment or dorm room as well.

Apartments you can do the inside of with smudging. Then you can create an energy bubble around your space by visualizing the divine white light in the center of your apartment and grow the bubble to encompass your entire space. I would push it out to just outside of the walls. As you are doing this give the ball of white light the intent to push out all lower or negative energies from your dwelling.

You can get creative with setting up energy grids around your space by having a few crystals and giving them the intent to raise vibrations and keep lower or negative energy out of your space. Use this for offices as well.

I have gone over a lot of stuff in a short reading. Please reach out to me with questions.

You can email me or click into the contact part of the website. Give me 24 hours to respond.

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Have an amazing week. We will build on all this for the next blog.

Blessings All,


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