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October Energy

The Veil thins this month with Halloween.

Hi All,

October is a crazy month for energy. Tonight being 10/9 we have a full moon and all that energy. Nights when the moon is full is the prefect opportunity to manifest your desires. Write down what it is you would like to match vibrations with to manifest into your life. If you are in need of a new car, do not just write out Universe I would like a car. Get specific. I would like a new car that is in this price range, it needs to have these options... Then burn the paper sending it off to the Universe to start working out how to get it to you. I have heard a few ways to do this. One. Act as though you already have it and give gratitude for it. I am so happy and thankful for.....

Two, Ask your angels to find it and ask once. Wait a few days and ask again if nothing comes to you.

When doing this be very careful of the words you use. Want means a LACK of something. If you say I want will be answered with yes you do have a lack of that and here is more of that lack of.

The new moon will be on Tuesday the 25th of October. There is also a Solar Eclipse at 6:49am est. You'll have to check out where that can be seen.

The 28th, Friday is the beginning of the Celtic Tree month of Reed. Topic for a live or a blog. To see live video of meditations and some overviews of Celtic Tree Months please click on the group page to be directed to the Facebook group Friends of Nemeton Energy System. I will be doing a live next Saturday the 15th at 9am cst. We will do a meditation to meet the Goddess Nemetona.

The 31st is Halloween. The Veil will be thin that night for loved ones and other spirits to cross over into our world and back. Strange things could happen around this night due to the veil between worlds thinning out for the evening. Have a great time celebrating your holiday how ever you do. Make sure to add some extra protection around yourself and home.

I have just finished a scarf to infuse with healing energy of Nemeton Energy System, to then give to a family friend with PTSD. I knit scarves, and blankets/throws and infuse them with healing energies to help assist who the item is given to, in order to help with their body, mind, spirit healing. I have done scarves for stroke and cancer patients. I have created throws for car accident victims, cancer patients and babies. Yes, I will knit a baby blanket and infuse it with energy for your little one.

Please email me to inquire about a project.

OH!! I almost forgot. Cut your cords. When we are out and about we are constantly plugging in cords and having people plug their energy cords into us. Sever those so you are not being drained by other people. IF you have had a connection to someone and you are having a hard time with letting go cut your cords. Guess what, once isn't enough. I have learned just recently you should be cutting your attachment cords to someone (Say if you've been in a relationship with them) for 21 Days! Yes, that is correct. 21 days!! You cut them, ask your guides to help. Ask archangel Michael to cut them. Do it for 21 days. Then things should be easier. :) Trust me it gets easier before 21 days but still keep going up to and on day 21.

Have a fabulous week everyone. Many blessings. Remember Live next Saturday 9am.

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