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Welcome to the Grove!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Wisdom from the Sacred Grove is going to be amazing!! Did you ever follow Mystic Monday? Better things to come here at this blog. Updated energy work techniques and meditations.

Make sure you follow Robert Podmore and I at our facebook group Friends of Nemeton Energy System for "lives" where one of us will be presenting topics and techniques real time so you can ask questions and join in on the sessions. Every 3rd Saturday of the Month at 9am CST I will post a live.

Future Blogs

I am figuring out a blog schedule. For now new blogs at the beginning of every month and then after big events. The first few blogs we will discuss your energy and keeping it clear and balanced. I will also use this blog to post meditations we do live on Friends of Nemeton Energy System. :) Please be patient as I get everything up and running.

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