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How did I end up in film in Green Bay?

My ghost investigation (kind of) and a short bit in the film. Fun! Read it here now!

Those of you that have been readers of Mystic Monday, do you recognize the guy with the beard in the center back? The one in the brown vest and hat behind the woman with curly hair, hat and sweater? I'll give you a hint....Stevens Point Paranormal Club.

It's Freddy Moyano Barroso!! Did you take our Ghost Tour at Kristin's River Walk in Stevens Point about 10 years ago? Chances are Freddy was your bus driver/tour guide.

What does this have to do with my weekend? A few weeks back I get a Hey Wendy! Can you come to Green Bay to investigate and meet the owner of the Vic Theatre/Confetti's in Green Bay. There is a story attached to the place and I want to see what you would pick up. Fast forward to this week and I have a story to tell with photos. ( I mean cuz, why wouldn't I have photos.)

After digging myself out of a snowstorm that hit St. Croix county, WI Tuesday/Wednesday and Hey could the New Richmond road crew director get on plowing the town roads out quicker than days later!! I've never had to fight my way through the snow to get to 4th street! Just saying. The plow used to come by at 4am now I'm lucky to dig out a day later from the plow. Ok sorry. So Wednesday after making it out of my driveway to the main street I was on my way to Green Bay.

After checking into the Bay Motel which Freddy recommended, and by the way a great place to spend a week night. It's close to Lambeau, what could be better. I met up with Freddy and his lovely daughter at the Golden Basket to discuss our plan for the next day. I have to give this family restaurant a great review. Gus and his mother, the owners, are so friendly and awesome. The food was amazing. If you go to Green Bay and you're over by Lambeau you have to stop in and enjoy. Thursday we ended up using a corner booth to shoot a short scene that I played a waitress in before we were off to meet up with the actors and assistant director at Confetti's aka the Vic.

Are you ready for the good stuff..... The urban legend goes something like this. In the early 1900's the Vic Theatre had a murder/suicide. The lead actor and actress fell in love on the set of a play. The problem, the actress was married. Enter the husband. Apparently, the husband found out and went with a gun to the theater to confront the lead actor. The two had a confrontation back stage, the actor jumps off a balcony to escape being shot. The husband then turns on the wife and shoots her on a stair case and she falls down the stairs and dies at the bottom of the stairs of her gun shot wound. The husband then shoots himself. Now there was some question as to the staircase involved as I was first told it was a spiral stair case in the back of the building. That wasn't what I picked up on when I went up very high on that tight spiral staircase with just Freddy and small flashlights. We will get to that. Let's get some photos going and what I found.

I have to tell you all the building had some lighting and some, not much heat. The area we were filming in had no heat and two hours in I was pretty much a block of ice even though I had winter gear on.

This is what I call the back bar as we walked into the building from the car. Over by the pool table there is a hallway leading to a back spiral staircase that was thought to be the staircase the shooting took place. This stair case didn't make sense to me but well get to that....

Above: This is more of the bar but it is located left of the bar that is in the next photo. I was not picking up anything in the bar at all.

Right Photo: This is the main bar. I was drawn to the door leading to the front hallway. In this photo I feel like there is a man standing in the doorway. I felt that when I took this photo. All photos are taken on a Cannon Camera as I do not like taking photos on an investigation with my iphone. Now some bar background. This club Confetti was a hot spot in 90's night life in Green Bay. The club was shut down for some reason and everything was left. I couldn't help getting behind the bar and checking out what was left behind for alcohol. I did check the beer coolers and all the beer was dated 2017??? Ok on with the story. Next stop the hallway.

This sign was in what I call the front hall, as the desk where the bouncers must have sat was close just inside of the main door.