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Goddess Nemetona

Meditation Script by Intuitive Wendy

Set your space up and get comfortable. Say your prayer of intent.

Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. With each inhale breath you will become more relaxed. With every exhale breath your body releases tension and stress it is carrying. Take another deep breath in and feel your muscles release tension and relax deeper.

Visualize your favorite lake. Mine happens to be Lake Superior. This will be the beach I am using for this meditation, please feel free to change it up to your lake. Visualize yourself walking along the shoreline. Stop to listen to the waves slowly rolling in. Feel the sun warming your face as you stand listening to the waves. There is a light breeze coming off the lake. See yourself close your eye for a moment and take all this in. Feel the sun warming your face as the gentle breeze brushes your cheeks. Listen to the waves gently hit the rocks on the shore. Continue now your journey down the shore. The lake to your left and the shoreline to your right. You see a trail just up ahead and there is an animal sitting next to the entrance. There is nothing to fear from this animal as it is your animal spirit guide or totem. Walk up and introduce yourself if you are not already working with this animal. Your animal guide will take you now onto the trail leading away from the lake and into a forest. You can hear the birds, hear the rustle of the leaves and smell the crispness of the forest. As you continue walking soak in the energy from the trees and plants. You notice white pine, birch and maple trees. The trail winds its way up a small hill and opens to a grove. Your animal guide is walking to the middle of this grove and sits in the center of three big trees that form a triangle. You walk over to your guide and sit next to it. Look around at the three trees that form the triangle and take not of what they are. As you sit you see a brilliant white light of Divine energy beam down towards you. There is nothing to fear. You feel unconditional love radiating from this light. Slowly you see a figure form within the light and slowly step through. The Goddess Nemeton now stands in front of you. (This is where you are unscripted for several minutes)

When you feel like you have finished with the Goddess Nemetona thank her for all she has shared and know this will not be the last time you will be with her. She will always come to you in this grove to assist you with your needs. Follow your guide out of your grove, down the hill and back to the shoreline. Thanking the trees and plants for their energy. Taking in all that is around you. When you come to the end of the trail, thank your animal guide for his/her company and guidance. Make your way down to the shoreline and begin the walk back. As you walk the shoreline become aware of your body. Slowly wiggle your toes and fingers, stretch your arms and legs. Bring your breathing back then slowly sit up or stand up. Say a quick prayer of Thanks. Grab your journal and write out your experience. You are always able to go back to your grove and call on the Goddess whenever you need her.

I would love to hear your experiences. Please feel free to email me. This mediation was live on Friends of Nemeton Energy System facebook group but something went wonky and I'm not sure if it posted. You may copy this post and use it as much as you need. :) Many Blessings.

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