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Fall Equinox and Self Care

Hi All,

I have been busy trying to get myself back on schedule since a major life change has shifted my days. I have dropped the ball on the live this month on Friends on Nemeton Energy System and plan to make that up next Saturday at 9am cst. We will be doing a rainbow meditation. The first time I am trying a guided meditation for the group. It should be interesting for you all.

My busy life has reminded me of the importance of self care and my own energy. I figured maybe a few of you out there need to hear this as well. With the day to day stress we all live in, it can be hard to actually take care of ourself. Busy schedules are a great excuse to rob us of time we need for ourself, even if we can find just 5 minutes. I have come to learn over the last two weeks that trying to meditate at night isn't practical for me as my mind races to everything that needs to be done for the next day or things I may not have done correctly. I have changed to morning meditations where I can get up and mediate, then when my mind goes to tasks I should do, I have an easier time pulling it back. Music helps my mediations a great deal. I play music from Youtube, where I can chose from singing bowls, to nature sounds.

Some things I have been reminded to put into practice to help destress are as follows. I encourage you to experiment and use what works for you.

1. Giving gratitude. Find a few things a day that you are thankful for. When you give thanks for what you have it shifts your thinking to more positive things and your energy vibration is raised.

2. Cut your energy cords! You may have to do this several times a day. When I was learning Reiki my Master said cut your cords every time you go to the bathroom during the day to rid yourself of all the energy you are picking up from the people around you. (there is a video on the facebook group)

3. Ground and Center. This is one I remind myself when I am hitting a stress level at work. Breath in deep through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then I quick bring focus to my heart chakra and push my energy down into Mother Earth, then if I feel I need to I bring Mother Earth energy up into my chakras and out through my crown and to the universe. Then I continue with what I was about to do. I have gotten this down to take me only a few moments.

4. Meditation. This does not have to take more than a few minutes. You can add time as you grow your ability. I start with setting my intent of what guidance I would like to receive then I begin by focusing on my breathing and let my mind go from there. Sometimes, I need to do this while walking. I go for a walk and let my mind go when my body is busy and things come to me. You'll have to try some different styles to see what works best for you. I do like to play music or nature sounds. I have a friend who meditates to 80's music, so again what works for you.

5. Self Reiki treatments. Something every Reiki student, practitioner and master should do. Many of us let it fall to the side when we are dealing with our day to day lives.

One thing I have started to do during my day is if something stressful happens, I try to think of something learned that came out of it or I try to think of something positive after I've become upset to bring myself down a bit. I have been trying to shift my life and energy by shifting my thoughts.

Try a few of these and see what works, what doesn't or at the very least I have you brainstorming ways to care care of you.

Fall Equinox happens this week on Thursday. When we were a more in touch with earth and the seasons, this time of year was to celebrate the bounties we received. This is a day of equal light and dark. Be aware of energy shifting on this day. If you feel out of sorts, it could be the energies from the earth shifting into autumn.

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