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Expos and Such

This weekend I was in Eau Claire, WI for an expo.

Expos are a great way to jump into the metaphysical areas if you are interested in them because there is a little bit of everything right there in one place.

I did a half hour talk and failed miserably on Nemeton Energy System. I didn't have an outline and I wasn't sure what to say if I wasn't teaching it as a class. I will say next time I will have an outline.

I am pre-booking sessions now for December 3rd to be held at Soul Saturday at Soultice Wellness Center in Eau Claire. Please email or call me to book your appointment and take 20percent off. This discount is only good if you pre book. Walk in Expo sessions are 40 dollars for up to 30 minutes. You can do a reading or a intuitive energy session. If you are interested in Nemeton Energy System, I will do attuments for the discount if you prebook. Please reach out to me if you are interested so I can email you the manual pdf.

A few great discussions took place. One was Reiki being a catch phrase umbrella for all intuitive healing. Reiki is the simplest form of energy healing. It is passed from the Source/Divine to practitioner to client and flows through the body where it is needed to release energy blocks restoring balance to the body, mind or spirit. It then exits the body and flows back into mother earth. The practitioner is a channel for the energy. This is true for any type of intuitive energy work. The practitioner received guidance from the Divine and works on the client to release energy blocks which can be past trauma, pain within the body, etc.

Another topic we talked about a bit was free will. We discussed this in relation to paranormal investigations and a person's energy field. We as humans have free will. We get to chose what happens to us. Yes, there is a plan for our life but we have choices along the way to make. We can chose to let lower energy into our environment or we can chose only to let energy in that is for our highest good. So then if we have free will how do people end up with ghost problems? I mean if you have free will a ghost shouldn't be able to attack you because your free will would not allow you to make a choice to be harmed. But then we went the direction of what if you drink alcohol or take a drug which lowers your vibrations which then can match low vibes wit something like an entity that then can take advantage of your lower energy state. However, once you raised your vibes again then wouldn't your free will kick in again to get rid of it and not have it hanging around? Just some food for thought.

Ok then we talked a bit about a walk in and is there a time limit for a crossed over spirit to be able to hop into a body that is dying as the spirit of that body leaves and then that person has a "near death" experience but another soul has entered the body. This is a cool concept as the soul entering the body would have all the memories of the one that just crossed over leaving the body. But may then start to remember it's life during this time and then what? And is there a time limit to be able to hop in as a walk in. Do you have to be newly dead and crossed over as the other is newly dying? Like if a friend was dead say for a month could they say Hey I want to take over that body as it is dying because I have unfinished things I need to do or can a soul that has been crossed over for years do the walk in thing and be successful at it? Again I have no answer just some things we talked about.

I highly encourage you to get out and experience a Psychic Fair, Metaphysical Wellness Expo, ParaCon or whatever it is to interact with like minds and explore ideas you are interested in. When people ask how do I chose a healer or a reader? I always say walk around first and talk to them and feel the energy. If the energy with one person feels better or you feel drawn to that person, then that is the person you should see. Your gut isn't wrong trust it.

That is my short blog for this week. I hope to see you all on December 3rd at Soul Saturday.

I am looking forward to that mini event. I will be doing Reiki and Readings.

Blessings All,


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