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Demons and Reiki

The idea of Demons associated with Reiki is just insane to me. But there are people out there with this view so here is my soap box on this subject. ( Please remember my blog is based on my experiences and knowledge over the years. I have also called on some people in the field to get some facts.)

This week a girlfriend of mine called to ask if I had seen that a known psychic in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area was backing a person on social media with a video claiming that Reiki is basically from the devil or that there are demons associated with Reiki. My reaction to this idea was.....

Well, this sparked a good conversation and sent me down the rabbit hole of ways I could address this topic.

Grab your coffee or whatever, this could be a long blog. Let's see where this goes.

Most of the healers and psychics, I associate with, are people that believe in a higher power. Some are Christian, most have been raised Catholic, some practice the ways of the Goddess, some believe in the Universe or Source. It's all the same. We all on some level believe that what we do comes from the Divine Source (love and of the light). None of us channel evil or work from a place of darkness.

Without going into a Reiki lesson, AKA rabbit hole 1, the meaning of Reiki is Universal life force energy. Life comes from the Source. This being of all love. There are 5 Reiki principles we all work under.

Most of us work under these or some form of the Golden Rule: Do on to others as you would have done to you. Some of healers work under the Wicca Rule: Harm None so Mote it Be.

Now for the research part.

In 2019 I trained under William Lee Rand. If you go to his website there is a FAQ page for explaining Reiki to people and sighting the Bible for Reiki work.

During class and through meditation at this class, I was introduced to the Brothers and Sisters of the Light. This is a group of Ascended Masters all helping us grow and evolve spiritually. Jesus and Mother Mary being part of this group. (and another rabbit hole) This group is written about in his manuals. However, if you research them you will find they are of all spiritual leader from all religions gathered to help humans grow consciousness and evolve.

If you have a Bible pick it up. I understand we all interpret things differently, but I'm gong to say this. Read 1 Corinthians 12 then continue through 1 Corinthians 13 and 14. To me this speaks volumes.

I can go on and on about healing abilities being from God and we all connect to God when doing the work. My spirit guide with this topic would like to go another way and strays from the demon topic to light vs dark. Most of us work from the light. The dark comes into play when people advertise their abilities and make money off of these abilities and are in it just for the money and are not ethical about what they are doing or teaching. They have lost their way and are not working for the highest good. You can always tell when you sit with these people. Trust your vibes. For me, when I sit with someone that isn't what I call tapped into God or isn't working for the highest good, the energy feels like nothing, or I will get this feeling of nope or I get cold. I can't explain it to you. When someone is genuine in their abilities, for me when I enter their space there is energy, a spark a vibration, a buzzing. This is how I tell.

When I was on a paranormal team most of the hauntings we investigated would be labeled evil. Angry spirits sure. But demons no. A Demon (s) haunting a place or person are very few in numbers of haunting cases. Maybe 3 to 5 percent. In people that have heightened abilities, we are all on different levels. But if healing was demonic, would you be able to walk away from it? I mean actually walk away unharmed from the person doing the healing channeling a demon if that is the claim? That was a turn the conversation with my friend took. We challenged each other as to if healings had demons what would that look like? What would be the underlying agenda of the "healing"? When I was on a team in paranormal investigations, I had a conversation with a man on a different team that challenged me with thinking of darkness and entities of pure darkness. I am going to put this out there for you to think on. If you came into contact with a demon or pure darkness, do you think you would walk away unharmed? I would think darkness would pick up on ways to torment you and twist your mind and spirit, if not harm your body in some form. This is the way his conversation go me thinking. With that in mind, how would you walk out of a healing session, if a demon was involved, like the person on social media suggested, feeling better then before your session?

Again I could go on and on with this and my experiences and opinions. Only you know what your heart believes and this blog or his video will not change one thing.

If nothing else I hope this blog has you trusting your own vibes when you seek out a professional for a reading, healing or a Master/teacher for classes.

To learn more about energy work and trees in energy work please follow Friends of Nemeton Energy System on Facebook. Live videos are kept posted and I go live every 2nd Saturday of the month. Blogs will post at the first of the month or coincide with the live videos as far as topics.

I am always open to answering questions or point towards someone who can help answer them. You can ask via the contact form or from the Facebook group. :)

Have an amazing and very blessed week and thank you for reading this strange topic. :) (this actually took me hours to write as I kept going different directions and had to re focus.)

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