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Celtic Rainbow Meditation

I named this rainbow meditation Celtic Rainbow Meditation as Vicky MacLean sent it to me from England when we were working together on Nemeton Reiki before it grew into Nemeton Energy System. This one will help you if you need an energy “pick me up”, so experiment with it. Are you ready? Set your space up and get into your meditative state. Focus on your body. See yourself floating in front of you (mirror image). Your are going to work this like you would a distance session only on yourself. If you have a hard time visualizing yourself, then work on your own body.

When you can see or feel yourself in floating in front of you, pull a rainbow out of your crown chakra. Arch it over your body but three feet away from your body. Pull this rainbow down the front of your body to the Earth Chakra at your feet. Then visualize it going up the backside of the body to form a oval around the body.

Draw a second rainbow from your right shoulder to the left foot see it circle from the rear of the left foot back to the right shoulder. (making a oval around the body) then from the left shoulder to the right foot. As you look at yourself you will see just above your solar plexus you will have a cross of beams. From that cross at the front of the body pull down a rainbow pushing it through the solar plexus and out the backside of your body connecting to the rear cross. Spend a few minutes allowing the energies to run through you.

Slowly your body will begin to glow pure white light until there is an explosion of bright energy. Once this happens, visualize your body rotating on the rainbow which travels through you as that rainbow begins to spin. Visualize the outer rainbow grid picking up speed and rotating clockwise. The way I picture this is the body doing a cartwheel while the energy eggshell around you spins. Keep doing this until it slows. Slow it down gradual or you will drop and feel ill.

With-drawl the rainbows in reverse order when you have stopped rest a few minutes reconnect with yourself. Slowly remove the rainbow from the middle of your body from the back to the front. Then the right foot to left shoulder, then left foot to right shoulder. Then back of your head to back of feet. Finally front of feet to the front of your head.

You may need to spend several minutes grounding. To ground for those of you not experienced focus on your breathing. Then draw a white light from the universe through your crown chakra and down through all the chakras of the body out through your root chakra into mother earth. Once it is in mother earth, push it down to the core. If you need to draw up mother earth energy from her core through your root chakra and up through your chakras to out your crown chakra and into the universe.

You can also visualize yourself as a tree. Push your roots from your feet into mother earth as far as you are tall. Stretch your arms into branches reaching up into the warm sun filled sky. Push your energy down through your roots into the ground and and let mother earth have it to recycle it and release.

If this doesn't work for you, try to go outside and actually sit up next to a tree and let the tree help you. You can also if it's warm enough. Take your shoes off and walk around in the grass to ground.

Please feel free to drop me an email or comment to let me know how you felt or liked this meditation.

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