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Meet Wendy

Thank you for finding my website.

If you have come here to just explore and learn or to check out my services please email me with any questions.  

My journey started when I was a child. I was always able to sense and communicte with spirit. Healing through prayer was another ability that was just natural for me.  Over the years I have studied many forms of healing energy work under Reiki.  In 2002, I became a Reiki Master offering services professionally.  In 2010, I channeled the energy of Nemeton Energy System.  In 2019, I studied under William Lee Rand and became a Holy Fire® III Kaurna Reiki® Master. 

Nemeton Energy Sytem

Nemeton Energy System came into being in 2010. This amazing Earth based energy system was channeled during several meditations. Most energy associated with this system are from the Upper Midwest of the US. The Kewennaw Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin to be more specific.

     Nemeton Energy System is a very gentle, grounding energy that will help to restore your body's energy balance. Specific energies can be called in to assist the client's needs at the time of the session.



Wendy and her dog, Sierra.

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