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Nemeton Energy System

Learn to channel Mother Earth energy using trees, plants and stones.  Nemeton Energy System is a stand alone system. You do not need to be a Reiki Master or Practitioner in order to learn and practice it.

In this class you will learn:

*The history and transformation of Nemeton Energy System.

* How to meet your spirit guides.

* Techniques to keep your energy clear, centering your energy and grounding yourself. 

*How to carry out a client session in person and distantly.

*Meditations for meeting tree energy, spirit guides and balancing energy.

*Teaching Nemeton Energy to others.

Once class is completed you will have ongoing support, a certificate of completion and the right to copy the manual for your students.  You are encouraged to join the facebook group Friend of Nemeton Energy System.  

Individual students are welcome at anytime. Would you rather learn via distance? Please ask?

Do you have a few friends that would like to learn?  Schedule a class in your home with your friends. 

Please click here to book your class.

Tuition is $500 dollars.  Pay in full or a Deposit of $250 with $250 due at class.  Deposit is non-refundable if canceled 48 hours before class.


Please use the above PayPal button to pay $250.00 as your class deposit.

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Please use the PayPalButton below to pay the tuition in full. $500.00

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