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"Wendy knitted a Reiki blanket for me to help me sleep, calm, and just feel better when I have cancer treatments.  The first night with my blanket I slept amazing. I love it!


I had a mini Reiki session with Wendy at an Expo.  She cleared out my energy. She added little extra by putting the Master symbol in my aura to reaffirm my connection to Reiki.  I felt and saw light and peace. I was amazed with the session. 

- Chad

My first session with Wendy was life changing and opened up a new way to see things.  She showed me how to ne more in-tune with energies that I could sense in the world. 


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Friends of Nemeton Energy System on Facebook is a place where you can learn some basic energy work with tree. We post live videos with information and meditations. Videos are with Intuitive Wendy and Robert Podmore. Check it out! 

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