Sacred Grove Intuitive Services

​Angel Card Readings

This photo was taken in Panama and is copyrighted by Wendy Jackson.

Sacred Grove Intuitive Services should not replace any medical treatment or medication you are currently taking.

Energy Healing Sessions

These sessions are billed depending on your needs.  If we are communicating with a crossed over loved one then sessions can be scheduled just as they are above in the Energy Sessions.  These sessions Wendy prefers to do in person as the information can be sensitive.  ​Please click on the contact tab to schedule.

     If you have a place that needs to be investigated please contact Wendy as she may schedule to bring out a partner or team to assist in an investigation.

Spirit Communications

Angel Card Readings can be scheduled in person, over the phone or emailed.  In person and phone readings will be scheduled in 15 minute sessions for $25, 30 minute sessions for $45 and 60 minutes for $70.  Email sessions will be billed via number of questions.  3 questions for $15 and 6 questions for $40. 

     During with angel cards you will be asked to shuffle the cards while thinking of that it is they are asking for guidance with.  Then you will pick 5 cards and Wendy will communicate with your angels and guides for messaged from them to help you with the area you are seeking guidance for.  Distance and Email sessions will work a little differently as Wendy will be guided to draw cards for you.  Goddess, Ascended Masters and Tree decks may be used in place of the Angel deck.  No worries the message will not change based on the cards.

​​​​Intuitive Energy Sessions can be scheduled in 30 minutes for $45 or 60 minutes for $70.  When a client comes into the office for an energy session they must simply relax and allow energy to flow.  Wendy will use a variety of methods such as Reiki, Nemeton Energy System along with sound and stones to help release energy blocks with in your body's energy.  Intuitive energy sessions can assist one in managing pain, stress, sleep patterns, etc.. 

​Sessions can be done in person or via distance.  To Schedule please click on the contact tab.