Learn about Nemeton Energy System

Disclaimer: We do not recommend ending any treatment or medication that has been or is being provided by a medical professional. 

Featured Services

Reacquaint yourself with your mind, body, spirit connection.  Rejuvenate your energy with a Nemeton Energy System Session or with a  Holy Fire lll/Karuna Reiki® session.

Gain knowledge and guidance by booking an intuitive card reading session.

Learn about your energy through any sessions or by setting up private classes for you and a few friends.  


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Medium Sessions

The focus of these sessions is to gain messages from crossed over loved ones.  If you are having paranormal experiences in your home please contact Wendy for a consult.

July 4th Special

Card Readings

Cards are a tool to help you see the divine guidance you are being given.  Readings can be set up via Zoom or Google Duo.  In person readings can be scheduled.

Reading Special:  Mini Readings 15 Minutes for $20.  We can do these in person, via media such as Facebook Messenger video chat or over the phone.  Email intuitivewendy@gmail.com with questions and to schedule a reading.  Monday through Thursday after 7pm CST.  Fridays 5pm to 8pm and Saturdays and Sundays after 9am. 

Nemeton Energy System is now being offered online.  You will receive a manual via pdf, a certificate once you are finished, a distance attunement to the energy, and 2 half hour sessions via media chat (facebook, google, whichever works)

Cost is $200.  Please email to enroll in this class and Wendy will send you an invoice.  If you have questions please email at intuitivewendy@gmail.com or click here.

Friends of Nemeton Energy  is our current facebook group for people not attuned to the energy but, would like to learn more.  Nemeton Energy System is the group all students and masters are members of to share.

Services by Appointment   +1.6513034292

Energy Sessions

Wendy will use Nemeton Energy System or Reiki (Universal Life Force) Energies to help you de-stress and balance your aura and chakras thus helping to regain wellness.