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Nemeton Energy System

Learn how to connect with Mother Earth energy to assist you with your energy work and well being.  Nemeton Energy System was channeled by Wendy Jackson in 2010 with additional information channeled in 2019 and 2020.  Like Reiki there is an attunement processes as the energy is passed down from Master to Student. In this system you will learn how to call upon the energy of trees, stones, and plants native to the Mid West region of the USA to assist in your energy work and sessions.  

Please email Wendy for more information or a paypal invoice to being the class.

Distance Learning.  You will be emailed an invoice and the PDF of the manual.  You and Wendy will schedule a time for your attunement to be done distantly and two half hour sessions to chat via a video chat (Facebook). 

Please contact Wendy via Email to be invoiced through paypal for this class.

Once the all clear is given with the COVID-19 scare expos and classes will be scheduled.

In person classes will be limited to 4 to 8 students depending on where the class is offered.

Online Classes