Sacred Grove Intuitive Services

Wendy Jackson has been professionally practicing as a Medium and Reiki Master since 2002.  Her abilities began in childhood.  As she began to recognize she was different from her peers, her abilities shut down but never completely disappeared.  Over the years of training and practice Wendy has built back her abilities and has used them for the highest good of many clients world wide.  Wendy's abilities include her very first ability as a medium, being able to sense the presence of spirits and ghost and communicate with them in different styles to relay messages for clients.  Her second childhood ability of being able to heal (animals & friends) through prayer.  Through Reiki training Wendy was able to build and focus as a channel for the universal life force energy.   

Years later Wendy channeled an earth based energy system with the help of Vicky McLean, Nemeton Energy System came into being and evolved.

Wendy is also certified to help you with uncovering your past lives.  

Wendy has also become the author of Mystic Monday a blog first.  After encouragement from her Editor Jeanette Friday, Wendy finally put all the knowledge shared over the years with the blog into the Mystic Monday book.  Mystic Monday the book can be purchased through Amazon.  To purchase click here.

Sacred Grove Intuitive Services is a member of the New Richmond, WI Chamber of Commerce.  www.newrichmondchamber.com is the web address.