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Energy Work:  What to Expect?  Lay down on my Reiki table and relax.  That is your only job.  I can talk to you throughout the session on where I am finding blocks or let you know as we talk after your session.  It is your choice.

Reiki (Universal Life Force) is a very gentle energy form that will go where it is needed.  We will discuss how Reiki works and how to keep your energy clear during your session.

Nemeton Energy System is an Earth energy based system of mostly tree energy that will assist with your session.  

Energy work can assist you with de-stressing, releasing pain, and assisting with other physical, emotional or spiritual aliments.  

Medium sessions can take on different forms.  We can do personal readings to connect with a crossed over loved one.  We can schedule to clear your home or property. 

My story starts with my childhood.  As a child  I was in tune to spirits both crossed over and earth bound.  I was able to tell when one was present in buildings, homes or just hanging around.  My abilities were not limited to being a medium, as I was also able to heal sick animals through prayer, which also made me a healer.   Later in life healing would become a focus working with people.

In high school, I discovered the energy of crystals and stones by accident.  Throughout high school and college I began studying up on earth energies and working with them.  

During childhood I shut down my abilities as I was different from my friends.  By 2002, I began to open up again to find a different way to heal from the Baby Blues.  I began to study Reiki.  Now years later, I have studies hard and worked with many clients to build my abilities back.  I am now able to communicate with spirits, guides and continue to help people heal through energy work. 

​My Story

What I Do

I have been a Usui Reiki Master since 2002.  I have been trained in other styles of Reiki.

In 2010, I channeled a Earth based healing system which I named Nemeton Energy System.  Most of the energies associated within Nemeton Energy System are of plants, rocks and trees found in Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.  Robert Podmore and Vicky McLean, Energy workers from England helped me with the writing of the manual and have been using the system with clients and students in England. Robert has been giving talks on Nemeton Energy System in England.  He has been very successful integrating it with Wicca practices. Here in the states, I have attuned students and have used the energies with clients.  Classes will be coming soon once our new manual is finished.

This year I had an amazing experience training with William Lee Rand and became a Holy Fire lll Karuna Reiki® Master.  

William Lee Rand and Wendy Jackson

Wendy Jackson

Readings:  What can you expect?  The more open you are to what I am telling you the more information I will be able to share with you.  During a reading you will shuffle and pick 5 cards.  We will then go through each card and I will let you know what the card means and the information I am to relay to you. Then you can ask more questions and I will answer as we go.  Please be warned, I will not tell you want you want to hear so if you are asking if your boyfriend is the one and he is not I will tell you he is not.  With me you get honesty and no beating around the bush.