Card Readings

Cards are a tool to help you see the divine guidance you are being given.

Restore.  Balance.  Relax.

Office Appointments

One hour appointments $70

Half hour appointmemts $40

Travel to you appointments  are priced on 

travel distance.  

January 2020

Dancing Dragonfly Winery in St. Croix Falls, WI.  Wendy will be offering Reiki and Readings at the Intuitive Living Expo.

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Medium Sessions

Sessions communicating with your crossed over loved ones, or reading the energy in your home.

Services by Appointment   +1.6513034292

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Reacquaint yourself with your mind, body, spirit connection.  Rejuvenate your energy with a Nemeton Energy System Session or with a  Holy Fire lll/Karuna Reiki® session.

Gain knowledge and guidance by booking an intuitive card reading session.

Learn about your energy through any of our classes. 

Energy Sessions

Wendy will use Earth energies or Reiki (Universal Life Force) Energies to help you de-stress and balance your connections with mind, body and spirit.

Events and Classes